Does Unconditional Love Really Exist?

Prologue In conjunction with the release of the Foundation Of Character this past month, I have decided to do a blog series expanding on the ‘Encouragement For Parents’ portion of the devotional. This section of the book is designed to speak to parents in a way to let them know they are not alone in their struggle on this pilgrimage of parenthood.
In order to teach my children about God's character I found that my own foundation needed some suring up first. This week and in the eleven to follow, I will be sharing all about my struggles, misconceptions, and growth in the areas of: Love, Hospitality,Intercession, Initiative, Self-Control, Endurance, Faith,Flexibility, Gentleness, Humility, Joyfulness, and Patience.
On To Love, Or Unconditional Love Rather.
Most people struggle with the concept of love, let alone unconditional love. I was definitely one of those people.
If you are like me, you have spent most of your life seeking other people's approval. Some of these included par…

The Value Of A Parent

I believe there is a worldwide lack in the understanding of the priceless value of parents and the call of parenthood. Much of society believes parenting is not as important as things like career, money, obtaining material gain and, shockingly the newest item on the list, full-time ministry.
In studying God's word we find this could not be further from the truth. Parents are indispensable. They have a most important calling and purpose on the earth. They have the privilege and opportunity  to shape the future church from its infancy to be a body after God’s own heart.
However, over the past couple of generations parents have been baited by the enemy into outsourcing their influence. They have given it to teachers, daycare providers, coaches, Sunday school teachers, and/or  youth group leaders. This is a heavy weight to place on these people and believe me they are feeling it and are overwhelmed! All this  is because parents feel or  have been convinced they are inadequate to teach a…

What? You wrote a book!

This is the number 1 comment I have been hearing this week and I LOVE IT! I can not express to you what it feels to have something you have been working on for 5 years in your head, heart, self, and children to be turned into something that you can actually see and hold in your hands.  On top of that having other people tell you they are so grateful for it! I have been so overwhelmed with emotion, gratitude, humbled, and thankful that God would use me in this way, in this avenue and even in this medium! 

So what's it about?
Well, I'm glad you asked. (wink) Foundation of Character is a book written for children ages 2 to 12 in order to help them grasp in a tangible way who God is, His love for them and how they can extend God's love to others. 
The book can be used as a devotional, led by the parents or for those who homeschool it can simply be added to their current daily routine. Either way the daily study only take 15 minutes max! (We, the Pollards, do it over our morning s…

Her Story Interview with Erica Akingboye

Identity crisis, contentment, seasons of career/motherhood, the crossroads of purpose and addressing a need, the learning-teaching cycle, Foundations of Character - all topics covered in today's "What's Her Story" interview with Carri Ann Pollard! Listen NOW and enter the giveaway drawing for her hot-off-the-press book "Foundations of Character"!! To enter the GIVEAWAY:
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Hi everyone! I know it has been a while, but as my household has grown to 6 kids 8 and under I have had very little time to sit down and write. However, today I felt that it was important to encourage you in the importance of maintaining your home. Not your house but your home. You can head over to my facebook page and watch it there on a live chat.

A Full Life

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows) John 10:10
How many times have I felt exhausted by cleaning, cooking, laundry, diapers, and disciplining? Sometimes it feels like it was literally sucking the life out of me! Stealing my time and energy.
This is not at all what the Lord intended for us. God said I am going to give you a full life. He did not mean a busy life, full of busy work. No, He meant He wants us to have a joyful life. A life that you can look forward to with joyful anticipation. Not one you cringe at the thought of, not one filled with dread. 

My family and I desire a life that is overflowing with love, laughter, snuggles, dreams, hope, adventures, conversation, revelation, and discovery. Time and time again the enemy tries to come and bring guilt, steal, kill, and destroy these things by imposing others ideals, standards, techniques, expectations, judgmen…

Training Through Tradition

When I speak of training I am speaking about relationship training rather than the more commonly known obedience training. 

Your child is on a journey of learning how life works and how to interact with others in their little worlds. When your child is all grown up and ready to leave home they will not have to know how to obey the world around them. However, they will have to know how to manage themselves in relationships with peers, co-workers, bosses, friends, spouse, and children.
When it comes to relationships the most important thing that we need to teach our children is that healthy relationships can only exist when we intentionally invest in them. One way we can show our children this truth is by creating family traditions. Traditions give our children a feeling of security and belonging. 

We have many traditions in our home, and we enjoy them all year round! We celebrate holidays with the typical traditions of stockings at Christmas, scavenger hunts at Easter, and picnics on the …